Here the frequently asked questions about Kilsby Sinkhole

Scroll below and you’ll find the common questions we get asked quite often, here at Kilsby Sinkhole. Of course, if this FAQ page doesn’t help you, contact us, and if we can’t help you, we’ll refer to the wise, old Turtie the Turtle who lives in the sinkhole.

Turtie the Turtle at home at Kilsby Sinkhole

Is Kilsby Sinkhole accessible to the public?

As a result of four years’ work, Kilsby Sinkhole can now offer many ways for the general public to access this unique site. Certified SCUBA divers can book dives via one of our approved dive operators. If you want to get in the water in a more casual way, why not try one of our snorkel tours? Or stay dry and take the informative Sinkhole Tour with our guide. Coming soon, too, there will be tastings of our small-batch craft gin.

I’d just like to have a look around and take photos. Is this possible? Will I have to book a tour?

We’d love to be able to let people just turn up and have a look at our wonderful sinkhole, but Kilsby Sinkhole is located on a working sheep farm. Consequently, we can only allow access if you have booked an activity at the Sinkhole or have prior written approval.

Please bear in mind that the surrounding farm is private property and we cannot give access to people who approach staff at the farm or buildings. The site owners take site access and safety very seriously. Any access to the site without either a booking or prior written approval will be deemed as trespass and police will be informed.

We’re on holiday and have our dog with us. Is it ok to bring him or her along?

We love dogs and other pets, but the sheep unfortunately don’t. We know some dogs are fine with sheep, but we can’t afford to take the risk of dogs we don’t know being on the property. Please don’t bring your dog to Kilsby Sinkhole, even if you plan to leave him/her in the car.

I’m a certified, current and insured dive instructor. Can I organise to dive at the site?

Kilsby Sinkhole extends access to reputable, insured and trusted diving entities such as commercial dive shops with an ACN and ABN. If you represent such an entity, then feel free to contact us.

I own/manage a commercial diving entity. Can I organise to dive at Kilsby’s?

Kilsby Sinkhole offers a limited number of site access agreements to diving entities who are able to exhibit a strong focus on diving safety, integrity and responsible site management. In most cases, these access agreements are only extended with the reference of a trusted and respected entity who is already known to Kilsby Sinkhole management.

If you have a track record in going ‘over and above’ in the area of safe diving practices, hold pride in your reputation in the diving industry and are able to demonstrate diligence in following protocols, regulations and site access rules, then please contact us.